Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"A man may stand there and put all America behind him"

View from the top of Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown; looking eastward towards the Atlantic.
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Well! It's been a long break from walking so far. I've been here in Danbury resting, stretching, walking, and researching. While it's been nice to return home and re-evaluate my situation, I'm definitely ready to get back out on the road! For a few weeks after I came home, my heel just wouldn't stop hurting every time I tried to walk. BUT finally, about a week ago I started seeing the results of my frequent stretching. I'm happy to report that I am feeling much more flexible now and I am walking increasing distances each day with no heel pain at all! Today I walked about 4 miles and my feet felt great. It's really encouraging to have made progress, but to make sure I don't rush into walking again I will be waiting until April 1st to head back to Cape Cod. I've also nixed tons of unnecessary things from my pack, so much that it may turn out to be 5 to 10 pounds lighter, which is a HUGE help. With warmer weather and extra daylight, I'm thinking once I get back on the road I'll really hit my stride. Can't wait!

Here's some EXCLUSIVE NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos from my first 4 days of walking:

The Sun Rises

Me at the Pilgrim Monument, 2013

Theodore Roosevelt at the Cornerstone Ceremony for the Pilgrim Monument, 1907
Neat, huh!

Erin & Me!

Cape Cod Bay looking like quicksilver.

"Beside, an outward cold and dreariness, which make it necessary to seek shelter at night, lend a spirit of adventure to a walk." - Henry David Thoreau 
I've finally decided my future lies...
"To The Lost"

Chillin' at the Truro War Memorial.

The Flag Flies

Yeah! Minus the bike part.

View of distant Provincetown from a hillside in Truro.

Old man's beard? Bear Grylls would be proud.

Snack time on Hungry Hill!

Chillin' on Hungry Hill.

A wire runs through it.

And believe me, it WAS.

Ocean View Road!

Never a sweeter sight.

Chillin' at Blackfish Variety bus stop. In case you were wondering, they don't have any fruit.

My way or the highway.

Best Dinner

Somehow the ground knew the exact distance I had walked thus far...

Frozen Marsh

Chillin' at the awesome tree.

And then I climbed it!

And then I saw this view!

First bear sighting; I'll have you know I was clutching my pepper spray tight!

Amazingly Beautiful

On My Level

Frozen Pool 
~*~*~ Dude & Luna ~*~*~

Best Fish Tank

"It is remarkable that men do not sail the sea with more expectation. Nothing remarkable was ever accomplished in a prosaic mood. The heroes and discoverers have found true more than was previously believed, only when they were expecting and dreaming of something more than their contemporaries dreamed of, or even themselves discovered, that is, when they were in a frame of mind fitted to behold the truth. Referred to the world's standard, they are always insane." - Henry David Thoreau
Hope you enjoyed the pictures; let the insanity begin!